WW2 Application – Introduction

Hello there, my first project for the ‘Hull School Of Art & Design’ is to create an application that informs the user about WW2. I have been given the freedom to make the application my own, and add my own ideas and be creative with it. For my application I have chosen ‘The Battle Of The Atlantic’, The reason I have based my application on this is because my grand father served his time during the war on a merchant navy ship called the “SS-East Wales” the ship sank 700 miles away from land after being attacked by a german U-boat called the ‘U-159’ in 1942, all of this occurred in the Atlantic Ocean.

The thought of being in that position, stuck on a sinking vessel 700 miles away from land, and knowing that soon you will be stranded in the freezing water below you, is very frightening. Sat here thinking about if I were in that position, has inspired me to create an application that is visually immersive in that way it instantly makes the user picture themselves in that position being stranded in the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean and makes them think about how horrible it would be, just from looking at the app.

I have had a few ideas about how I want my application to look, but I have finally managed to make my mind up and settle with one. I want to create an interactive under water experience, that is eerie and dark. For the navigation i really like the idea of a long page filled with information and interactive buttons, that starts from the top and allows the user to scroll all the way down to the bottom. As though your going deeper and deeper into the ocean, and discovering the wreckages of the battle for yourself.

This is my first post just so i can start off my blog, and give you an idea about what im aiming for. I will keep posting updates on my application and also share some material that has inspired me and my research, in the process of designing this application.


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