WW2 Application – Titanic Museum & The Imperial War Museum

Hello again, this post is just to share some material that has inspired me to create this application. First of all i would like to mention that last year, I went on a trip to Belfast in Ireland. When in Belfast I visited the “Titanic Museum”, which showcased wreckage from the Titanic, information about what life was like onboard the Titanic, and at the very end of the museum they had interactive touch screen monitors, that allowed you to have a look around the ruins of the Titanic for yourself on the ocean bed. Just below is an image of the exact monitor I am talking about.titanic

The application its self did not have that much information on display, just the wreckage of the Titanic. Dont get me wrong, the App was visually immersive and interesting to look at, but I just felt as though I walked away from it knowing no more than I did when I approached the monitor. But the whole concept of the app visually, I enjoyed very much. Using this application, made you feel as though you had discovered the wreckage yourself, there was something really eerie and real about it, and this instantly caught my attention, and I would really like to draw some of the aspects from that application into my own.

This is the first thing that sprung to my mind when I was given the brief for my first project, when I visited the “Imperial War Museum” in Manchester. Looking around they also had interactive monitors, that where very informative but to me where not as visually impressive as the ones in the Titanic Museum. Maybe not for all people, but for me I wasnt as drawn to these monitors, mainly because there was too much information slapped on the screen, which is not a bad thing, but for people like me with dyslexia, something as simple as reading a paragraph off of a monitor can be a real task.

Saying that I sound as though all I have done is pick the interactive experiences I have taken from the Imperial War Museum to pieces. Not quite, in fact one of my main inspirations for creating this application, has come from my experience playing around with the apps at the Imperial War Museum. And that is creating an application that still gives out the same amount of information, but at the same time is visually immersive just like the applications at the Titanic museum. Creating an application that would draw in people like me, who would most likely avoid a screen crammed full of information and show no interest.

In my next post I will showcase some more material that has inspired me, and one design of a web page that has really taken my interest, and has given me a few ideas for how I am going to achieve this.


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