Interactive & Interface Design: Module 1 – Introduction

Hello there, this is my introduction to my first module for my “Interactive & Interface Design” project, for the “Hull School Of Art And Design”. For my first project I have been given the freedom to build a web site on any subject of my choosing. I have chosen to build a website for a brewery “Northern Graft” mainly because I have a love for the different designs you can find on different types of international beers; the designs you can find on these different beers are out of this world and I find some of them absolutely astonishing.

I have great interest in the branding of independent brewery’s from different areas of the world, some of my favourites are “Flying-Dog Brewery” in the United States, to “Crew-Republic” from Germany. You can find some amazing bits of branding and typography just from being stood in a bar, and its something that really does interest me, I would love to know why some brewers choose these extraordinary designs. So this weekend for my first piece of research for my webpage I will be attending the brewers market at “Canal Mills” in Leeds, which will have some of the biggest brewers in the UK attending such as Brewdog and Magic Rock brewery, I will be looking around the different stalls and try and draw some inspiration from some of the designs.

I will hopefully also get a chance to speak with some of the different brewers, and also some of the public to see what they find most attractive about some of the designs on the beers. I will be posting updates on my research for this module, and also some of the designs I have created myself.


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