Canal Mills – Brewer’s Market

The Brewer’s Market

For my first piece of research for my “Interactive & Interface Design” module, I attended the Canal Mills Brewer’s Market, to find some inspiration from the branding and question the public and the brewers them self about what they like most about the designs found on the individual bottles, from different brewer’s. The whole idea behind this trip, was to give me some inspiration for when I come to branding and designing my first website for Northern Graft.

Before I begin to explain my research taken from my trip, One thing that has inspired me for my web site, is the actual Canal Mills Brewers Market page Itself. I love the simplicity of the page. The title at the start of this post is linked to the Brewers Market page check it out. It is a very simple and straight forward page, and easy to navigate , but that’s what I like about it.


Whilst at the Brewers Market I questioned people about the different brands and designs of the beers, and what attracts them towards the different types of beers. First of all I spoke to the boys at the Liver Pool Craft Beer Stall Paul Seiffert & Terry Langton. Check them out on twitter, and check their web page, links just above the image. (IMG also taken from there twitter account)

TwitterWeb Page


Liver Pool Craft Beer’s Designs on their bottles are very simplistic, but probably some of my favourite designs I had seen at the Brewers Market. Using good iconography on their beer labels, allowing you to easily signify which beer is which without even reading the label. For example their Black Fox” beer had an image of a fox with a black background. I didn’t get to have a very good conversation with them, due too how busy they where at the market. But I did manage to ask them a quick question.

The guys at Liver Pool Craft Beer said…

How important is design for a brewer?

“Design is a very important. One thing that is quite noticeable about the design
of a brewery is that the branding is always very prominent, standing out from the rest is key.
Especially for the labelling for your beer as well, making sure that each different beer stands out so the customer knows
which beer is which instantly without even reading the label. And that is what we have tried to do
with our beers, using icons that just stand out as soon as you see the beer.”

After, I sat down and talked to the other people attending the Brewers Market, I asked what they thought of the different labels, which they preferred. Most people liked the branding of one of my favourite breweries, Magic Rock. In comparison to the other designs at Canal Mills, Magic Rock’s branding really does stand out.

My favourite designs I came across while I was at the Brewers market…

Magic Rock Brewery – (2)IMG Taken From:


Magic Rock’s logo too me doesn’t really represent the company’s title, but it does represent the company work, obviously the logo is an image of some kind of brewery, so in that way it works.

Magic Rock’s branding is absolutely insane. I really love their designs, very colourful and fun. Not a very traditional design for a beer, but I like it, it’s just something different. The design on each bottle is the same, just different colours. The design is circus themed, just from the design it makes you instantly attracted to the beer. Like most beer enthusiasts, their always looking for a new taste, something different and I think that’s how Magic Rock pull in most of their customers, they do look as though they are going to be a new experience something exciting. Here is a closer look at one of the bottle designs.


Five Points Brewery – IMG Taken From:


Five Points Brewery’s takes a more traditional and simplistic approach to their logo and branding, in comparison to magic rocks design. It is just a simple Sans Serif font, with a white background. Again like the magic rock labels, each individual beer has a different colour, making it easier to determine which beer it is without reading the text on the bottle.

When designing my label for “Northern Graft”, I will be taking the Five Points Branding into consideration because I love the simplicity and the traditional sans-serif font that has been used. I think it is a lot more professional as well, to me it makes me think of substance over style. It’s as though they don’t need a spectacular design on their bottles to make them interesting.

Also another thing I love about the Five Point brewery is their website, you can click on the Title above the image, and it will take you to the page. I will be writing about this page in another post also.

Brooklyn Brewery – IMG Taken From:


Brooklyn Brewery is one of the biggest in the world at the minute for craft beer, alongside Brew Dog. I love there branding, the logo its self is just a big “B”, with a similar type face to Coca-Cola, the style of font is a formal script typeface. This type faces date way back to between the 17th and 18th century, it gives Brooklyn Brewery quite a bold look, As though they have been around for years, like they are one of the founders of the craft brew.

Again like Five Points Brewery, Brooklyn have taken a more traditional approach to there branding, and I think this is what im going to go for with Northern Graft, it just makes the brewery look that bit more professional. Also I love the design of there website, Its designed as though you have just walked into a bar with a sign hanging up against the wall of the Brooklyn logo, check it out.

I have learnt a lot from my trip to the Brewers Market, from speaking to the guys at the Liver Pool Craft Beer stall which has given me a great insight into what I will be aiming for with my designs for Northern Graft. I will be doing some more research into the branding and design of beers, so I will keep posted about my research.


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