Battle Of The Atlantic Application – Inspiration

In this post I will showcase some of my inspirations for my application.

Number 1 – Layout And Design

Aqualitis Expedition (Tobias Van Schneider)

One of the biggest inspirations for my WW2 application is the Tobias Van Schneider AQUALITIS EXPEDITION web page. Mainly because my application talks about the history of the battle of the Atlantic start to finish, I thought it would be fitting to base my application under water. Not only does it create the feel for the application, I also want it to represent the historical side of the subject, like your going under water to discover the history of the battle, the wreckage of the war for your self.

Aqualitisheader The sole purpose of this web page design is what inspires me most for my application. When using the page it’s as though you are going on one of the expeditions yourself, diving deep into the ocean of the page to discover amazing bright images of unusual under water life. It’s visually immersive in that way that it kind of drags you into the shoes of a deep-sea diver, it just fits the subject so well its amazing. That is exactly the sort of thing the user would want to get from the page as well, because the only people who will be using this page are people who want to take part on deep see expeditions. So I think it advertises the expedition really well.

Aqualitisbody This is something I have taken from this page, that I really want to focus on with my application. I want to create this under water world that kind of takes you back in time as you go deeper and deeper, and putting the user in the shoes of a deep-sea diver discovering the wreckage of the Battle for them self. I like the idea of taking the user on a trip down below to discover it for them self.

Number 2 – Time Scale

waynrooney One of my favourite examples of a time scale is on Wayne Rooney’s web site. I love the idea of having a basic time scale central to the application and leading all the way down to the bottom, I think it will fit well with my ideas of an underwater expedition to find the wreckage of the battle. I want to make it look as though it’s a guide line for the user, as though they were are a diver. I will obviously recreate this time scale and give it a more fitting design for my application. Something else I want to add to my app would be a secondary time scale to the left hand side of the application, that allows you two quickly switch between the different time periods on the main time scale, and follows you as you scroll further down the page. I came across something that has inspired the design aspect of the secondary time scale, something I came across during my research for the application. The depth gauge that would be used on a submarine, to tell you how deep you are going into the ocean. I want to replace the numbers on the gauge into the years of the war start to finish. This will allow the user to click on the certain year they want to quickly jump too. Bellow is a quick mock up I have created to give you an idea about what I mean for my secondary time scale. depth-gauge

Number 3 – Interactive Buttons

Powerofpossible (TryApt) statoil Another page that I came across that has a very similar design to the AQUALITIS page, that not only gives a good example of the sort of design layout I am going for with my app, it also showcases the form of interactive buttons I want to have on my application. interactivebuttons One of the main things I wanted to include into my application was interactive buttons that look as though they are wreckage from the sunken ships. And this page shows exactly how I want to position my buttons, the interactive buttons on this page are very basic just a small image with a brief description underneath, the main thing I like about these buttons is the positioning they are all at a distance from each other as though they have floated apart under the water that’s something I want to recreate in my app. I also want to make the buttons relate to the year they are located in, say a certain ship sank in one year the wreckage from that ship will be located in the certain year and relate to the ship it’s from. Next to the button will be a brief description about what happened to the ship, and once the button is selected it will come up with a short video or audio clip that will delve into more detail about the story of the ship what happened to it and where it sank.


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