Iconic Brand Identity

In this post I will showcase my research into brands that I would consider iconic. Bellow are some key points that all iconic brands should have taken into consideration. – Keeping The Design Simple Representing The Company You Are Designing For Ccorrectly – Choosing The Correct Colours Versatilillity Of Your Design – Making Sure Your Design Is Memorable – Target Audience

Dude Logo NoStrapline_CMYK

Innocent Smoothie

Innocent smoothie’s icon and branding is one of my favorites, and I think it is a perfect example of iconic branding. Mainly down to the iconography, I think it works on so many different levels. Its simplistic, represents the company really well, the colour scheme, memorable, and hits the target audience on the head.

Iconography The icon represents the company for a few different reasons, number one it looks innocent even without the halo added on top. The icon I think is supposed to represent a childs face, a sign of innocence but it is represented in quite a childish fashion also, down to the strokes used for the shape of the head, it looks as though it has been drawn by a child. But not only does it represent a childs face, I think the designer who has created this icon has also tried to make it look like some kind of fruit, down to the outline shape, and the two dots in the centre of the icon could also be seeds. innocent-halo I don’t think this was a mistake made by the designer I think it was purposely designed like that, so the person looking at the icon would see both sides. Those two aspects of the icon represent the company, first of all they are Innocent smoothie they make healthy drinks that are supposed to considered innocent. This is represented by the childs face and the way it has been designed like a child has drawn it, and also because of the halo above the head, but it also represents the product that they produce using fruit, smoothies. So in that sense I think it represents the company really well. It also reaches out the target audience really well also, this product is aimed at people living a healthy life style, people who are looking for products that are healthy, a product that is good, a product that is innocent. The other great thing about the icon, is that its simple but also iconic and very memorable. The colour pallet for innocent smoothie varies depending on the different product, each icon matches the flavour and colour of each individual smoothie. Like the purple is  the cranberry and raspberry flavour, and the green represents the kiwis, pommes and annas flavour, like in the picture shown below. innocent-03This gives the product a personality and sort of creates something for the individual, Its similar for me what Coke have done with the “Share A Coke With A Friend” campaign, but a lot simpler. It also creates quite a fun and playful look, which can also be related back to innocence.


Nike is another great example of iconic branding, this icon and name represents Nike brilliantly. It’s a very simplistic design with meaning, memorable, hits the target audience on the head, and gives Nike a very strong and versatile look. First of all I would like to talk about the name choice for Nike. The name is derived from the mythological greek goddess Nike, who personified Victory, it is said Nike used to fly around battle fields rewarding the victors with fame and glory. Thinking about that, these are words that spring to mind when you think of Nike it is sports wear, and victory, fame, and glory, is something you could relate to sport. And that’s the message that is being excelled from this brand, wear our sports wear and you will be victorious you will have glory and fame, the same thing as what the Greek goddess Nike had done. nike Iconography The iconography works on so many different levels in my opinion I would consider it a clever Icon. it’s a tick or a swoosh which represents movement and speed, which you can also relate to sport. Another thing I noticed about the icon is that, it’s as though it’s giving you a tick for choosing Nike, like its saying you’ve made the right choice when you have bought one of their products. Like in photography with leading lines I think this icon does the exact same thing, you follow the tick down to the title of the company Nike which resembles victory, glory, and fame, like you’re heading down the path by using their products, you will one day be victorious famous and have all the glory. Nike’s logo is world-famous and probably one of the most well know logos in all of history, it is iconic because they don’t even use the title of the company any more it is just the tick on its own. The logo is very simplistic but has a strong message, and represents what the company do really well. The logo also reaches out the target audience with the message, the majority of people who wear Nike’s products, are usually people who take part in sporting activities, so I think the logo does this really well.


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