Photography Project Concept


For my photography project I have been asked to explore a subject of my choice, and comprise a portfolio of photographs ranging from 15-30 images. These photographs must be either informative, entertaining, or educational.


I have decided to base my project on the size of things down to perspective, I will be using my back garden as the base for my photographs.

I like the idea of making my garden appear as though it is like rainforest, and making the plants and insects look larger than they actually are, by experimenting with the angle and view points my photographs have been taken from. After I have taken my macro photographs, I want to slowly zoom out and have a person looking around at the plants and insects, so the perspective changes, followed after these shots I want to use different view-point and take a photograph from high up, of the person. This will allow each of my photographs to work as a whole. By doing this I want to give off the message that the size of everything is down to perspective, and everything keeps getting bigger and then smaller. I hope to achieve this by using macro photography & tilt-shift photography.


I will be researching into these different photography techniques, to see how they can be achieved for my project.

Macro Photography
Macro photography is probably the biggest inspiration for the concept for my photography. I like the way macro photography makes smaller objects and life look a lot bigger then they actually are.

Tilt Shift Photography
Tilt shift photography is really interesting, when using a tilt-shift lens from a high view-point, when taking a photography it creates a shallow depth of field which makes life scale subjects, look like small models. I am excited about learning more about how to create this effect.

Both of these different photography techniques will create the exact effects I want on my subjects in my photographs. Using macro photography I will be able to make the smaller subjects look larger. And by using different view points playing with the perspective and tilt-shift photography, I will be able to make the larger subjects look a lot smaller.


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