Meet Northern Graft – Focus Group

Northern Graft – Focus Group Meeting

Keldy & Ritchie

I showed the current members of Northern Graft a few websites that I have come across during my research. These pages inspired my current idea that I have had for the Northern Graft page. I showed them the web sites and explained to them the aspects that I am going to draw from these pages, and explain exactly how these pages will attract the target audience Northern Graft is aiming to attract. And also explain the similarities of each page,  And let them point out a few aspects that they liked about the sites.

I also explained why I will not be adding the drop down menu’s that are found on the ‘Crew Republic’ and the ‘Brooklyn Brewery’ pages, because it causes trouble when trying to navigate the sites on mobile and tablet devices.

Five Points Brewing

First off I showed them the Five Points brewery page, here is a quick break down of what I liked about the page.


– The Design
Image changes in relation to the page you have selected, which represents the content on the individual page.

– Events Page
Shows professionalism and passion for the brewing industry.

– Information Represented in a friendly Manor
Makes the site fun, and also tends to be the manner in which you would find people speak in a bar. So it also represents the company in that way.

– Product Representation
The product is represented on this page what looks like beer taps what you would get at a bar, this presents the product really nicely.

Northern Graft’s Response To ‘Five Points Brewery’ Page.

Ritchie & Keldy Both Liked:
– The representation of the information

– Product Representation

– The Design

Ritchie & Keldy Did Not Like:
– Events Page

Ritchie: I love the way like you said the information is written very friendly, and the way they have represented there brews is really nice as well, I like the design, but something I would like on our page would be the image on the top? instead of engulfing the full background of each page. The events page is unnecessary for us, because where only a small independent brewery, there is only two of us. So we don’t travel around to different events, maybe in the future.

Keldy: I completely agree with everything Ritchie said. The events page is unnecessary. And I agree with what you said also about the friendly manner of the information on the page. And the design aspects and the product representation and content, is something I would like to be included on our page.

Crew Republic

 I then showed them the Crew Republic site, here is a quick breakdown of what I liked about the page.

ourbeers– About Us Page
Introduces each member of the team, and also recommends a beer to the user which focuses on the target audience, and also shows a passion for brewing.

– Presentation Of The Product
Makes the product look like a physical object you could grab off the screen and drink, which advertises the product well, and stands out among the rest of the content on the site, which makes the product the key focus point.

– Information Represented In a Friendly Manor
Like the Five Points site, this is something that is found across most brewery pages.

– Crew Finder Page
Allows the user to locate the brewery and know exactly where they can try their product.

Northern Graft’s Response to the ‘Crew Republic’ Page.

Ritchie & Keldy Liked

– About Us Page

– The Representation Of The Information

– Product Representation

Ritchie & Keldy Disliked

– Crew Finder Page

Ritchie: I love the “About Us Page”, I like the way it focuses on each person of the team, it makes them seem passionate about their job, and the way it shows you their favourite beer and hop, we’ll have that. I prefer the product representation on this page as oppose to the Five Points site, the way it is actually a beer on the page, like you said Aidan its as though you could grab and drink it. Like I said about the Five Points page, were not a big brewery so we don’t have our own bar, so a bar finder page would not be unnecessary.

Keldy: Yeah the “About Us Page” is really good, the presentation of the product is perfect as well, that’s something I would like you too include on the site. And I agree with Ritchie again, their would be no need for a bar finder page. Something I noticed about the page as well is that the content is presented on a wooden board, I thought it would be quite nice to include our content on a chalk board like you would find the beer menu is usually on a chalk board?

Brooklyn Brewery

I then showed them the Brooklyn Brewery page, here is a quick break down of what I liked about the page.

– Our Beer Page (Representation Of The Product)

Like the Crew Beer page the product is presented as though its a physical object on the page, which advertises the product nicely.

– Visit Page
This allows the user to know when they can visit the brewery, to see how they make the beer. This fits into the target audience.

– Events Page
Allows the user to know where they can try the product

Northern Graft’s Responce to the “Brooklyn Brewery” Page.

Ritchie & Keldy Liked
– Our Beer Page
– Visit Page
– Design

Ritchie & Keldy Disliked
– Events Page

Ritchie: Again I love the way the product is presented on the page, like the Crew Republic page. Probably one of my favorite designs out of all the sites, I like the way they have made the site look like a bar, that’s definitely something I would like on our site, It’s as though you’ve just walked into a little dingey bar in Brooklyn, which is great!

Keldy: I agree with Ritchie on the design aspect of the page, recreating the atmosphere of a bar would reach straight out to the target audience. The visit page has given me an idea, because were only a small brewery and we couldnt have people visit. What if we created a page that walked the user through the brewing process using logographic and short paragraphs of text? That is another thing that would reach out to the target audience.


Me: So explain to me the aspects you would like me to include from these sites?

Ritchie: Yeah, probably one of my favourite points that you have made about each of these sites is that the content is represented in quite a friendly fashion. This is something I would like you to include on our site, I had an idea of maybe using some northern slang on the page, like for the “Our Beer” page you could call it “Our Brews” or something like that, it represents where we are from. As for the layout, like you said the change in images that relate to the page your on, gives off quite a nice affect, but instead of it engulfing the full background, I think it would look quite nice on the top of each page. But then maybe making the rest of the site look as though it’s a bar or something?

Keldy: I love Ritchie’s idea of using Northern Slang, that represents us as a company and our origins. Which is always a very important aspect of a brewery, the representation of your origins whether it’s in your brew, or your brand. Also I like what you pointed out Aidan, about the our beer page, making our product stand out like that would be great, but instead of using the label of the brand I like the idea of actually making the product look like a physical object on the page that you could grab like the Brooklyn Brewery and Crew Republic pages. And also like I said, making a page that walks the user through the brewing process, that’s something that would show our passion for brewing.

I’ve just had another idea, because we do not attend events and so forth, maybe it would be a good idea to embed our twitter posts on the page, for now? because we are quite active on twitter and it would keep the user updated on the beers where working on at the minute, or if we ever do attend any events we can just post it up on their.

What I Have Taken From This Focus Group Meeting, And What I Am Going To Include On The Site

– Making sure I make the information on the page friendly and personal.

– Putting images on the top bar of the page, that change in relation to the page you are on.

– Creating an atmosphere on the page, as though it’s an actual bar you’ve just walked into.

– Making a page that walks the user through the brewing process, using logo graphics.

– Embedding they’re twitter updates.

– Presenting the product as though it’s a physical object on the page.

– On The “About Us” Page giving the back story of the brewery, and allowing the user to read about each individual of the team and give them recommendations of some of their personal favorite beers.

This meeting has clarified exactly what my sight is going to include. Next I will Brain storm my ideas and wire frame my site, and create a mock-up up and refer back to Ritchie And Keldy to see what they make of my ideas for the page.


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