Experimentation With Shutter Speed & ISO


I went out onto the street and took photographs of moving traffic, experimenting with the different shutter speeds. All of the vehicles I photographed where moving at roughly the same speed. Above the images are the speeds of the shutter in which I took the photographs, and the setting of the ISO.

1/4 Shutter Speed – ISO Sensitivity (100)



As you can see the vehicle’s in these photograph’s are blurred. This is because the shutter was open for 1/4 fraction of a second, this permitted more light into the image sensor. This makes the vehicle look as though its moving a lot faster than it actually is. because the shutter was open for a lot longer.

Also notice the background is still in both photographs are still, this is because I set the sensitivity of the ISO to 100, . The only Blurred image in the photograph is the vehicle because it’s the only subject moving in the photograph.

– Failed Panning Shot –
1/60 Shutter Speed


In comparison to the photo’s I took in 1/4 (of a second), you can see this vehicle is a lot less blurred, because less light is permitted through, because the shutter speed I used was a bit faster, this was taken at 1/6. And the blurring of the background, is also because I moved the camera whilst taking the shot, attempting to focus upon the moving vehicle.

1/100 Shutter Speed – ISO Sensitivity (200)



1/100 shutter speed, is a lot faster so it captures that light at that moment the photo was taken, unlike 1/4 shutter speed that permits light over a longer period to the image sensor before the shutter closes and the photo is taken. The 1/100 shutter speed, creates the effect that the vehicle is stood still, but it was actually moving at the same speed as the other cars.

And using ISO sensitivity of (200) as you can see in this photograph, the background is still, creating the effect in the photograph that their is no movement what so ever. Making the photograph completely still.

– Panning Shot –
1/30 Shutter Speed


In this photo I used a 1/30 shutter speed. The effect I tried to capture in this photograph was to blur the background and focus in on the vehicle, not the best example of a panning shot but a lot better than the last photograph. creating the effect of a reduces of depth of field and blurs the background, and allows you to focus in on the subject.


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