Northern Graft – Mind Map

Hand Drawn Mind Map

 I first drew my mind map on paper, and then recreated it on the website Mindomo just so my information comes across a lot clearer.


Mindomo Mind Map

Northern Graft



First of all I would like to introduce the pages I have chosen to use on the Northern Graft site.
I will be making wire frames for each page.

About UsOur BrewsThe ProcessContact

About Us
The About Us page is going to include the back story about the brewery, and tell you about each individual member of the team, it will also tell and recommend the teams favourite beers. To read about the team members, their will be a photograph of them both that has been split down the middle, and then using light box I will transform the images into buttons, once you click on a member of the team a small bio photograph will pop up on the screen and tell you a little bit about them self.

Our Brews
This page includes the product the brewery make, the product is located in a gallery created just like the about us page using light box you can browse through their beers. Underneath the gallery will be a container, including information about their style of beer.

The process
This page will allow the user to read about their process when it comes to brewing the beers, it will include six steps using icons and short paragraphs of text, that explain the process of each step, when they brew their product.

Contact Page
Throughout the sight their will be contact icons located at the bottom of the page, that look bottle caps, one for “twitter” one for “facebook”, and one for their “email”. On the contact page, the container that includes all of the content will minimise to fit the screen. Their will be a telephone number, and an individual email address for both members of the team, and then above this their will be a short paragraph of text that says “Contact Us!”


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