Northern Graft – Wire Frame & Design

Wire Frame




This design gives a basic outline into what I am going to try and acheave, it just allows you to see exactly what im going for when it comes to creating the Northern Graft Web Site.


Located on the top bar their will be a blurred photograph of the back of both brewers sat at a bar, on top of the photograph will be the title of the brewery and just underneath the Title will be the company’s mark/logo, which is of the northern rose with a hop in the centre.

Main Body
The main body will include information about the brewery, it will give the user a brief back story about the brewery,  in the container located below the image container. I will be using a photograph of both of the brewers, this photograph will be split down the middle, and using light box I will transform the photographs into buttons, once selected a photograph of the individual brewer will pop up, and will give you they’re story, about where they’re love for brewing came from, and will also recommend the user a they’re favourite beer, and they’re favourite hop. All of the information on this page will be written in a fun and friendly manner, this is key for the target audience, to keep them interested in the content on the site.

The footer will be the same on every page, three icons that look like bottle caps which will be linked to the feel of the page, I want them to look as though they have fallen on the floor. They will be linked to twitter, facebook, and they’re Gmail.


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