Macro Photography

I decided not to look into tilt-shift photography down to me not being able to access a tilt-shift lens. I could have done this tequnique in photoshop, but its just not as authentic as actually using the lenses.

Using Macro photography, you can create some really interesting affects. Macro photography can make the smallest of objects, plants, insects look enormous. Macro will allow me to acheave the kind of affect and message I want people to take from my photographs. I researched into how to use Macro to my advantage, how to get the most out of this type of photography, I also researched into other photographers and I will explain exactly how they have inspired the concept of my project.

Macro photographs are my main source of inspiration for my concept. Just looking at macro photographs of insects really got me thinking, to us an insect is this little tinny inferior creature, but using Macro photography it really focuses in on the detail and gives you a close up view of the insect, making them look enormous among their tinny world. This made me think about the fact that the size of everything is down to perspective. For example: Looking down at a busy city from a skyscraper, makes the human race look like ants. The view of the moon from the earth makes it look like a tinny object floating in the sky.

Macro Photography

Here I will explain exactly how a macro photograph is achieved, and how to get the most out of macro photography.


The size of the subject that is picked up by the image sensor in a photograph is described by Magnification, in comparison to its actual size in real life. The closer you move your lens to the subject, the larger the subject will Apear on the image sensor, this means the subject magnifies on the camera. Say the object is 25% as large as the actual object, then the subject is (1.4 or 0.25px) on the camera. So even the smallest subjects can be magnified, and come out larger than they actually are and fit the frame on the camera’s screen.

If taking a macro photograph on an SLR their are numerous options of lenses, but when taking a macro photograph on a digital camera, when setting the camera to (macro mode) will allow closer focusing distances.

Control Of Photograph

When using magnification on a camera, you not only magnify the subject, you also magnify camera movement, such as camera shake. So when taking a macro photograph its best to use some form of tripod or stand to keep the camera steady whilst taking the photographs. Here are some of the tripod requirements when taking Macro photographs…

low tripod
Tripod Legs – helps if the tripod legs are able to be adjusted almost horizontally to get right down and take your photos. Most of the  time when taking these photos on some tripods you will need to remove the central column on  the tripod.

Tripod Head – When taking a macro photograph, one of the main things a tripod needs to do is, allow you to navigate the camera smoothly whilst taking your macro photographs. Ball headed tripods are usually the best for taking macro photographs, they allow you to navigate the camera in a few different directions, smoothly.

If you haven’t got access to a tripod, positioning the camera on the lens cap usually works when taking macro photographs from a very low position. Also another good bit of equipment to use when taking a photograph at a high magnification is a (remote/shutter release device), this prevents the person who is taking the photograph from moving the camera when pressing the shutter button.

Macro Focusing & Depth Of Field

Positioning your focus point when it comes to taking macro photograph’s can be very time consuming, it is always best to pre-plan your subject before photographing them. When taking Macro photographs at a very high magnification creates a shallow depth of field. There for controlling the focus point of your photograph is much more important than normal. This creates technical decisions about what should be the sharpest focus in your photograph, but also creative decisions about what subject should be in sharpest focus in your photograph.

Taking a photograph is a very delicate operation, their are a few things that can affect the positioning of the sharp focus point when taking a macro photograph. If your camera autofocuses it creates major problems, when it comes to positioning the sharpness of the focus point on your subject. Its use full to use a focus rail when positioning your focus point. Using a focus rail, the focus point of your photograph depends on the positioning of the camera, instead of using the less precise focus ring on the camera.


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