Changing My Concept & My Inspiration

New Concept

I realised from my research that my concept, would not have worked this time of the year. With my original concept I wanted to photograph insects, and plants and then scale out and show that everything gets smaller the more you zoom out. The main reason I have chosen to change my concept is because, its December and their aren’t as many insects around, and one of the main things I wanted to capture in my photographs was the movement of flying insects and so forth, using shutter speed. So I decided to change my concept, and still use macro photography, and use the same base as my original concept for my photographs.

With my new Concept, I wanted to show that you can find the Rules Of Composition anywhere, and hopefully inspire the photographers who are viewing my photographs, and make them realise it doesn’t matter where you are, you can still create and come out with a beautiful photograph using the rules of composition.


Heather Angel & Stephen Studd

Heather Angel
Heather Angel is a photographer that photograph’s nature using macro photography. Her work is a big inspiration to my concept for my photographs. She uses macro photography, and is probably one of the greatest examples for my idea of scaling things out, and the size of everything is down to perspective. I will be using Macro Photography but there are no insects to photograph, so I will be using this to photograph drop lets of water, leaves and plants. Here are a few photographs that caught my attention.

This photograph by Heather, is one of the first Macro Photographs I came across during my research. I love the way she’s reduced the depth of field in this photograph, and made it look as though this lady bug is really high up, to the insect it will be very high. From looking at the photograph though, it makes you feel as though your looking through the eyes of an insect, I loved this affect, and is one of the biggest inspirations for my concept.

Newly discovered, which is probably the main source of inspiration for my new concept. Heather has captured “Symmetry and patterns” in this photograph, which made me realise you really can find the rules of composition any where, even in nature.

Another photograph of Heather’s I came across, was this photograph of a leaf floating on top of some water. She really has used this opportunity to her advantage, using the water she has created a “frame” and “background” for the leaf, making the leaf the key focus point of the photograph. Something I will be considering when taking my photographs.

Stephen Studd
One of the effects I want to create in my photograph is to make a plant look like a sky scraper using the rule of composition “view-point”, and Stephen Studd’s work is what inspired this idea. I love the way his photographs transform the small world beneath our feet into this massive man-sized world, and how he makes a small bunch of flowers look the same size as New York City its something that really caught my interest.

I wasnt sure If I would be able to showcase Stephens Work on my blog, due to copyright issues. So I have left a link below this paragraph so you can see exactly what I mean, when I say he makes plants look like sky scrapers using different view points. In his “Plants” portfolio, and his “Garden” portfolio.


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