The Battle Of The Atlantic – History – Research

In this post I will showcase the pieces of research I have conducted that will be used in my application on the Battle Of The Atlantic, and highlight the areas I will be adding into my application. The battle of the Atlantic is the longest lasting warfare during WWII, so there is a lot of information to fit into my application.

Below the History section are some quotes that I will be using the break up my time line, in between the different years.

The Battle Of The Atlantic – History

1939 – Britain Declairs War On Hitlers Germany
During 1939 the German’s invade Poland. Shortly after Britain Declairs war on Germany. Britain then sends merchant navy vessels over to aid the people of Poland, before the war began Hitler had dispatched 39 U-boats into the Atlantic along with German war ships Deutschland & Dochplay & the German cruiser Admiral Graf Spee.

During the first weeks of battle the first allied navy vessels to be sank where, SS Athenia which was sank by the German U-boat U-30 killing 128. Shortly after the allied Navy vessel HMS Courageous was sank by the U-boat U-29 killing 500, Then the allied Navy Vessel HMS Royal Oak was sank by the German U-boat U-49 killing 833. The fatality of the allies was in great numbers during the first few weeks of battle.

Total Ships Sunk – 1939 (222 ships)

1940 – Hitler Invades Norway And Denmark
In the spring of 1940, the German attack on allied merchant ships was abandoned, The U-boat fleet retreated to equip for Hitlers invasion on Denmark and Norway.

During the invasion of Norway Hitler layed out a fleet of U-boats and war ships along the shores of Oslow, the allies attacked ruthlessly. The Total German vessels lost 4 – Cruisers, 9 – Destroyers, 4 – U-boats. After Hitlers losses upon the shores of Oslow, he had a new plan for The Battle Of The Atlantic, he ordered for the mass production of his most successfully weapons in the Atlantic his U-boats. Winston Churchill is thought to have said, that the U-boats are the only things that worried him during the war, and actually considered surrendering to the Germans.

During 1940 Winston Churchill made a deal with Frankly D. Roosevelt, called the Lend Lease Act. Roosevelt promised 50 American first world Destroyers to aid the British Merchant ships, and a quarter of the US military. In return Roosevelt wanted to use British bases located in the Caribbean.

Total Ships Sunk – 1940 (1059)

1941 – The Lend – Lease Act and The American Get More Involved In The War
In 1941 the lend-lease act finally came into power, and American War ships started escorting British navy vessels across the Atlantic.

Operation Primrose
This operation played a massive part in the fight against Hitlers U-boats. Allied War ships HMS Aubretia and British Destroyer Broadway Successfully capture U-boat U-110, the crew aboard the U-boat were ordered off of the vessel, and then shot by Aubretia once the U-boat surface. This benefited the allies because, on board the U-boat where enigma machine codes this allowed for the allies to track U-boats across the Atlantic.

USS Niblack was the first american war ship to see action during The Battle Of The Atlantic, is dropped depth charges when a U-boat was entering American territory in the Atlantic. In June 1941 the Americans joined the Battle Of The Atlantic.

Total Boats Sank – 1941 – (1328)

1942 – The Germans Take The Upper Hand
In 1942 the Germans took the upper hand again, after the loss on the shores of Oslow Hitlers U-boats where coming into the Atlantic at 20 per month. Even though the Americans had entered the war in the Atlantic, they where not able to prevent the loss of 500 ships in between January and June. 1941 was a turning point in the Battle Of The Atlantic, the allies had lost their grip on the battle.

Total Boats Sunk – 1942 (1159)

1943 – The Allies Take The Upper Hand
in 1943 the allies finally regained the upper hand among the Germans in the Atlantic, the allies now had aircraft carriers and long range air craft to cover the Atlantic. A new innovation called the “Hedge-Hog” depth charge used by the allies was creating a terror for the U-boats, in May now labelled “Black May” in 1943, the losses of U-boats was growing one-quarter of Hitlers U-boat fleet was destroyed during “Black May” all because of the “Hedge-Hog” depth charge. Hitler withdrew his U-boat fleet from the Atlantic once again, the battle was won.

Total Boats Sank – 1943 (463)

Battle Of The Atlantic – Quotes

Winston Churchill – “The Battle Of The Atlantic is the only thing to ever frighten me”

Adolf Hitler – “Our Losses… Have Reached An Intolerable Level”

Winston Churchill – “Without Ships, We Cannot Win”

Winston Churchill – “The U-Boats, Are The Only Thing That Ever Made Me Consider Surrendering To The Germans.”


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