Avoiding The Drop Down Menu

During my research for my website, there is one thing that has been made quite clear to me, from using and reading about it. Drop Down Menus are bad for modern web design, here is some research I conducted to back up my theory.

Drop Down Menus

Something I noticed myself when as a user of the other brewery pages, some of them seemed to have drop down menus which I realised when testing the websites out on other devices such as tablet and mobile, drop down menus can be hard to use when on a touch screen devices. I researched into drop down menus, to see what other web developers make of them, here is a blog post by a developer called Paul Cormer that backs up my theory that drop down menus are bad news.


One of the worst factors of a drop down menu is the usability, when the user wants to navigate across a website, they want to be able to click on a link and the content to come up straight away. A drop down menu confuses the user, when they hover over the top of a navigation link and sub links come up its confuses the user, it makes it hard for them to decide if the link they have hovered over takes them to the page or if they should click on one of the sub links to go onto another page.

The drop down menu can be quite tricky to navigate from once you hover over the link, something Paul Cormer makes quite clear in his post, its like playing a game with your user it can make it hard to select one thing whilst hovering over the link to get to the sub links, this can become quite a tricky task on a computer not to mention on a tablet or mobile device.

A drop down menu also gives the user to many choices going back to wanting to navigate to another page straight away, instead of doing so it just gives the user more options which causes confusion.

So unlike these other brewery pages I will be avoiding drop down menus for my Northern Graft website.


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