Graphic Design: Evaluation

From my logo to my Letter Heads and business card, I have really tried to represent exactly what I do weather it be the design of my logo to the colours used in my designs.

Logo Design


For my design I incorporated my initials into one logo using angle brackets which instantly can be recognised as a structure, which is self explanatory, my initials AC, made out of angle brackets, put into a structure, which tells the person looking at my logo that I make things with angle brackets.

The colour scheme of both my letter head design and logo is different tones of brown, because brown represents seriousness, down to earth, and support. Which I believe represents me and my work, I am serious about what I do, I am down to earth, and I will be willing to support my customer. In relation to my logo design, mixed together I think it makes me look professional and have a real care for my work.

Letter Head Design


The design aspect of my letter head, I have tried to keep things tight and bold. In the way most of the content on my letter head, is tight up against my logo, like my name in bold coming from behind my logo, the fact it says i am a web designer, using symbols that relate to web design, and the slogan I make things with Pixels. The reason behind the tightness around my Logo, is to make my logo iconic, when some one sees my letter head with my logo and the key points about my buisness surrounding the logo, they will recognise my logo and remember those bold letters AIDAN CROW, and notice instantly that this logo is mine, and that I am a web designer.

Business Card & Specialist Item




In the design of my business card, I wanted to make it clear for the person looking at my card that its from the same place as the letter head, and can be related to each other. Using the same colour scheme, and same sans-serif bold font and making sure the positioning of content on the card is tight, keeping things close to my logo.

Augmented Reality
For my specialist item, I decided I wanted on the back of my business card an augmented pocket designer. I thought it would be cool, and make me look quite impressive. I wanted to create something that stands out from others, and make me look professional.


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