My Designs: Letter Head & Business Card


Here is my letter head, I wanted to create something that really stands out from other promotional letter heads. I used the same colour scheme as before, using different shades of brown to represent my work. On the top I added a short slogan, that also says I don’t only make websites, I work with multiple platforms on computers making things with pixels.


buisnesscardbackHere is my business card, I kept the same kind of design as the letter head, so it makes it easy to realise that they are from me. On my business card, on the back for my specialist promotional advert, I wanted to use augmented reality. When the person looking at the card, uses the augmented app, a pocket designer will pop up over the top of the logo sat at his mac working on some designs. I thought it would be quite a cool way of promoting myself, I thought it would make me look a lot more reliable as though, I am always with you working in your pocket.


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