My Designs

One of the main things I wanted to achieve with my logo designs, is to incorporate my innitials into a logo. I wanted to make a logo that also represents the area I work in as well, using colours that really bring out who I am and what I do. These designs are inspired by the logos from companys such  as DC shoes, Dolce and Gabbana. Here are their logos.


Dolce & Gabbana

DC Shoes

My Designs


This first design is inspired by the “@” logo, this instantly can be recognised as a symbol that relates to the internet, which relates to web design. I incorporated my initials into this logo as you can see the first letter of my name is in the centre and the c goes around the a. You can see as well I have experimented with different colours, but unfortunately I didn’t go with this logo in the end, for me it looked to cheesy, and not as professional as I would have wanted it to look.


My second design I used angle brackets, that I use to make websites. Another thing I attempted to create in this logo was to make it look as though its some kind of structure, which is what I do i structure website’s with angle brackets, using them to incorporate my initials. Again I experimented with colour, to see which I preferred. But again I didn’t want to use this logo, for me I think it looks professional but the kind of technique used does not really represent I have used, it looks to industrial and may be confused for something else.


This is the logo I ended up going with in the end. Similair to the last design, this logo really does represent what I do and who I am. I used a brown colour scheme in this logo, because brown is a serious down to earth colour that represents stability structure and support, like I said before what I do is structure websites with angle brackets, and this colour makes me come across as a serious designer and makes me out to be down to earth.

With this design I still went for the structure kind of luck for the logo, but I attempted to make it look more fun and edgy, I think my new logo really does represent who I am and what I do.


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