Page 2. – Our Brews


On the Our Brews page the image the image changes, to a picture of bottled beers, like there ready for the user to order and drink. Once on this page the user will notice there is a selection of Northern Grafts beer on a shelf below the top image, once you hover over the beers they lift up, this is something that was inspired by the other brewery pages, the way they made their product look as though it was a physical object on the website that you could pick up and drink, it advertises the product really well, and again goes back to keeping that bar kind of feel to the site.

I was originally going to use Lightbox for this page, but I could not tweak the code to give the desired affect I wanted for my page. So I just used some simple css to create this affect, and I think it works really well. Underneath the shelf, their is a text box which tells the user a little bit more about the beer, that is designed to look as though its an old piece of paper stuck to the board.



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