Page 3. – The Process


On The Process page the image changes to a picture of some demijohn’s that link straight into the brewing process, and tells the user as soon as they enter onto the page exactly what the content on this page will be about. This page is important for the target audience, like explained earlier my target audience want to know was much as they can about the brewery, and this page takes them through the brewing process of a Northern Graft beer, using icons to illustrate the steps of the process. This page is a replacement for the events pages on the other brewery sites, it shows the user how much they care for their work, and wants to show the user how they make their beer.


Bellow are the icons I have created that illustrate the brewing process.

Step 1. Mash

Step 2. Sparge


Step 3. Boil


Step 4. Cool


Step 5. Ferment


Step 6. Bottle



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