Semester 2 – The Brief & Time Scale

For semester 2 in User Centred Design, I have been grouped up with a class mate to re-design a website considered bad user centred design, to make it user friendly. This project is based more on the usability and the utility of a sight, that makes it user friendly over the actual design itself. The usability of a web site is important when it comes to making profit and marketing you’re company. This project will benefit me greatly, because it will teach me how to think deeper about the usability of a site, and how to make it friendly for the user/target audience. It will also make me understand the importance of working with others when it comes to creating a web site.

The class mate I have been grouped up with is Alistair Kenyon-Brodie, his blog and work is linked into his name.

Time Scale

On the first day when me and Alistair received the brief, we used Tom’s planner to plan out how long this project is going to take us to finish and also break up the brief and decide which areas we would individually cover, we also decided that each Monday is a feed back day, so we could talk about our ideas and talk over our research.

Below is a screen shot of the time scale we both created on Tom’s planner.

And here are the areas I will be covering during the research period of the time scale.

To Be Finished By The 9th

(Read) Steve Krug – Dont Make Me Think

(Read) Don Norman – The Design Of Everything 1& 2

Look into good and bad websites

To Be Finished By The 20th

Look Into Anti Gun Laws

High Noon Holster Background Research

Look into other Southern American Thematic Websites

To Be Finished By The 23rd

Southern Fonts Research

Color Research

27th – Feed Back To Each Others Research

To Be Finished By The 2nd March

Deconstruct Website

Discuss Content

Choose Hierarchy

Designs To Be Finished By

Draw Two Designs – 6th March

Discuss and Compare Designs Based On Research – 9th March

Re-design On Discussion – 13th March

Discuss Re-design – 16th March

Wire Frame & Mockup-Final – 16th March

Discuss Final – 16th March

Write Up About Things We Both Like & Disliked About design – 20th March

Discuss Design So Far – 23rd March

Final Design – 3rd April

Correction Day – 6th April

Colors & Fonts Correction – 10th April

Discuss Final Changes – 13th April

Set-Up Invision – 20th

Discuss & Make Power Point & Evaluation – 1 Week to finish

Finished 1 May


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