1. Thematic Southern Sites – (Red’s – True Barbecue)

As part of my research I looked into other thematic web sites that are based upon the look of southern America. This piece of research was too give me an understanding of the kinds of colours used, fonts, and to inspire some ideas for mine and Alistair’s re-design of High Noon Holsters site. Red’s – True Barbecue This is an all american smoke house restaurant, the website has a Southern American feel and look to it.

Red’s – True Barbecue


The Red’s True BBQ website is my favorite site among the pages I will be examining, the link for the site is located in the title. From the graphics to the fonts, colours, and to the way you navigate around the page together fall into one beautiful page, that I find myself returning too just to look in awe of its beauty. On the site they use story telling to create interest in their users, through out the site, something that is self evident is the point they force across to the user in a stylistic and immersive way is that the food they make is that good its holy, its something people should worship, not only does it make them look like BBQ gods, it also makes the user feel as though they belong to something like when you select the “restraunts” page is comes up with the message “choose a place of worship”, it really does give off the message, that these people care for there work.

“The None Believers Must Be Led To Places Of Joy To Cleanse Their Souls With Smoked Offerings!”

To accompany the great story telling across the site,  are the gorgeous thematic elements of both the design, layout, to the graphics and fonts used on the site. The graphics that can be found stapled on each page of the site look as though their based on Mexican artwork, and all of the titles all relate to religion which are two really big things in the south of America, the graffiti style graphics and the religious side of this website reach right out to the target audience, and make them feel at home. Here are some examples of Mexican graffiti, just to show the similarities to the graffiti and the graphics used on this site.

This design using these detailed black and white graphics stand right out against the blank but bright coloured background, and create quite a bold, beautiful, and immersive affect for the user.These graphics usually represent death, which probably wouldn’t be the greatest idea to use for a gun holster website, using the same style of graphics but to represent something different just like the red’s website has done. Like maybe using this style of design, to recreate a golden eagle or something along those lines. Another thing I really like about this website is the parallax scroll on the main page when you first enter into this site, the colourful layers that overlap each other as you slide down the page this has given me a few ideas for the design of our re-design, which I will be going into detail in a later post. Below I will show case a excerpts of the story telling from the “About” page… sr3 sr4 You can see from the screen shots from above, how beautifully executed the story telling has been done. Everything about this website has been presented brilliantly, each page is on point, and really does make this company look godly something special. There is a range of fonts used on this site, multiple styles of fonts have been used for the titling for each section of the page, as you can see from the screen shot above, their is a mixture of Slab Serif’s, Decorative Fonts, loads of old style serifs and so on. This creates quite an old and bold affect on the titles, in a way it kind of looks like its a piece of D.I.Y work as though it has been put together by hand, which can relate to the target audience, considering the food served at these restraunts can be considered more aimed towards men, the look of the D.I.Y titles can relate into that as well. The colour scheme of the site ranges from some intense shades of blue, red, black, and white and shows off some extremely affective uses of the principles of white space, that makes the content the key focus point for the user, everything stands out so clear among the bright but plane backgrounds, and prevents the user from looking any where else other than the content on the website.


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