2. Thematic Southern Web Sites – (Old El Paso)

As part of my research I looked into other thematic web sites that are based upon the look of southern America. This piece of research was to give me an understanding of the kinds of colours used, fonts, and to inspire some ideas for mine and Alistair’s re-design of High Noon Holsters site. Old El Paso This is a Mexican food company that specialise in products that allow people to make simple Mexican foods from home.

Old El Paso

oldelpasoThe Old El Paso web site uses some very vibrant bright colours accompanied by a great use of parallax scroll. One of the main things I love about this page is the fact, each section that contains the content of the page, look as though it has been ripped and stuck against something, this reminds me of the old wanted posters and relates back to what I was saying about the titles on the Red’s True Barbecue page, it resembles to me as though it has been put together by hand, and gives the site quite an authentic look. Another thing I really like about this page is the top banner that contains the images, it really stands out even against the bright colours used on the web site. Here’s an example from the recipes page of the wanted poster look.

wantedposterThe fonts used for the titles in comparison to the Reds True Barbecue page are very similar, they look as though they have been formed together by hand, a D.I.Y look to the formation and placement to the fonts. One of my favourite fonts used on this page has to be the one used for the actual Old El Paso logo itself.

ellogoThe end of each letter in this font reminds me of the handle of a gun, which I think would be quite fitting for the redesign me and Alistair will be making. I used font finder to try and find the font but their was no match, but for the High Noon Holsters main title font I would like to use a font that is similar.

The colours used across the site are extremely prominent, and are what gives this site such a vibrant and beautiful look. The bright colour pallet of the site ranges from, yellows, reds, blues, oranges, greens. These colours represent to me the actual food itself, and the kind of the ingredients that are used in the food they produce, the colours to me add a flavour to the page, and they way they are presented on the site on the parallax scroll it’s as though it is a burritto or something all the different flavours stacked on top of each other. All the colours, fonts, and the design overall of the site really does fit the products that Old El Paso produce, and sets the target audience at home, which is people who are into Mexican flavoursome and spicy styles of food.

Overall I think this website works for what it is, and has given me a better idea for the kind of colour scheme, fonts, and design I will be using for the High Noon Holsters re-design.


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