3. Thematic Southern Web Sites – (Rango – Official Movie Web Site)

As part of my research I looked into other thematic web sites that are based upon the look of southern America. This piece of research was to give me an understanding of the kinds of colours used, fonts, and to inspire some ideas for mine and Alistair’s re-design of High Noon Holsters site. Rango – Official Movie Web Site This is the website for an animated film that was created back in 2011.

Rango – Official Movie Web Site

rango1Out of the three websites, this is the only one that breaches the boundaries between a website and an online interactive story book. It is visually immersive and keeps the user entertained as they travel through the pages, like the Red’s website the Rango site uses a unique form of story telling for the user, the interactivity on this page is quite childish and fun and sits the user in the world of Rango and allows you to explore through the different worlds Rango encounters in the movie.

My favourite aspect of this page, is the large beautiful use of animated imagery used upon the top of the site. This is something I have had in mind for the High Noon Holsters site from the beginning, I want to use a large image of a desert or something that really does represent the south and place it on the top of the site, this would instantly put the target audience at home.

The animated top image on the Rango website, uses interactive buttons to allow the user to navigate through the Rango universe, all of the interactive buttons are incorporated into objects located within the top image, alongside these buttons are other pointless interactive animations that you can click on and they will do something. All of this is aimed at a younger audience, it’s fairly easy to understand and use.

rango2As you can see once you click on the sign located on the top image, it takes you too another area of the website, it’s quite an interesting way to navigate around the site, and for I would say it is quite a clever way to keep the younger audience interested in the website. Each page is themed like a scene from the movie, and creates that affect for the user as though its them exploring the world of Rango for them selves.

rango3Another cool little thing about the page is that you can interact with characters you see in this world, and play games with them and so on. Like this page, after you enter into the “General Store” you can then, buy the film from the shelf below is the picture of the general store.


The fonts that can be found across this site, are very decorative and inspired from old western & southern fonts, Like the main titles of the film, look like the kind of font you would find on a wanted poster or on the doors of an old western saloon. The colour scheme in relation to the main body of the site, disregarding the interactive top image, are dark brown colours for the background, then bright yellows for the titles and text. This allows for the written content to really stand out against the background, this is the kind of style I would like for mine and Alistair’s re-design, a page that has some really dark background colours, that makes the content on the site really stand out.

Some of the content can be located inside of the interactive top image, and is displayed on old paper that looks like wanted posters here you can see, this really does give it that western & southern feel to the site.
rango5This could add a really nice thematic feel to mine and Alastair’s re-design, and is something I will be considering when it comes to my design for High Noon Holsters.


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