State Of Florida Anti-Gun Laws

As part of my Research for my second semester brief in “User Centred Design” I looked into American Gun Laws so I had a greater understand of the whole gun scene in american, and so I could use this as part of the content on the site when it comes to re-designing the High Noon Holster page.

Across America each state has different gun laws, some are a lot harder on civilians owning a concealed weapon and some are not as hard. I will narrow down my research into just the state High Noon Holsters is located, which is Florida located to the south-eastern side of American.

Florida Anti-Gun Law

Florida is known as a “Shall-Issue” state, this is because unlike other states in America Florida issues concealed carry licenses to people who live in Florida and to people who don’t. Florida grant concealed carry licences to those people who do not live in Florida but they have to be from another state in American that hold the same laws, and must be over 21 or if under must work for some kind of armed force.

I will now run through each law Florida has in place when it comes to owning or using a concealed weapon…

Selling a Fire Arm
It is illegal to sell a gun to a person who isn’t able-bodied, like a felon, drug addicts, civilians under the age of 21, people with bad mental health, vagrants, anyone who has not been received approval via the department of Law enforcement.

Carrying a Fire Arm
To carry a concealed weapon in Florida, the holder must have a license present at all times, and must be over the age of 21.  A concealed weapon can not be carried in areas of Florida where the weapon can be seen as a place that annoys the community or worries them, or an area that is known of illegal activities such as gang violence, or illegal gambling.

Keeping A Fire Arm At Home
If storing a loaded fire arm at home where children are present, the owner must make sure the weapon is unloaded or in a locked container or the security lock on the weapon must be switched on. To make sure no child under the age of 21 can gain access to the fire arm.

Using A Fire Arm (Deadly Force)
A civilian may use deadly force, if it comes to self-defence defending themselves against some one else who is going to attack you, or break into your home. Deadly Force is legal when it comes to the individual fearing for their own life, here is a list of situation that permits the use of deadly force…

treason, murder, manslaughter, sexual battery, carjacking, home invasion, robbery, burglary, arson, kidnapping, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, aggravated stalking, aircraft piracy, unlawful throwing, placing or discharging a destructive device or bomb; and any other felony which involves the use or threat of physical force or violence against an individual.



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