The Colour Of Southern & Western America

Because the website me and Alistair will be re-designing is from the south of america, but the company itself can relate to Western America in the name “High Noon Holsters” which reminds me of the title of a spaghetti western movie, so I will also be taking into consideration the colours used for the design of the posters of old spaghetti western movie, which are extremely colourful. Southern and Western America are both very colourful regions of the united states, the colours that come to mind when I think of these regions of America and what they look they, the colours that come to mind range from reds, oranges, blues, whites, browns.

The whole colour scheme of the re-design could be based upon the colours of the landscapes of Southern and Western america, which take for example the posters of old spaghetti western movies the colour scheme of each poster are always very similar, because they represent the scenes for where these movies are set, in the deserts of western america. Take for example these posters below their is a lot of shades of dark oranges, and bright shades of reds yellows, all over these poster.

Even the American flag and the Southern American flag use these bright reds and blues, alongside the patriotic white stars. These colours together are very American, the white represents purity and innocence, the red signifies hardiness and valour, and the blue represents the colour of the chief.

As you can see from the picture below, colours of the deserts of Southern and Western America are bright oranges and reds, accompanied by the bright blue sunny skies. And these colours are emphasized across the designs of spaghetti western posters, to set the mood of the boiling hot red, orange, and blue deserts where the movies are based.
Another colour range that comes to mind when I think of old western and southern america, are browns, and blacks. This is because I think of the old wooden saloons, and ghost towns. I love the idea of the re-design having some really intense reds, oranges, and blues on the top of the page, but then as you scroll down onto the main body of the page it moves onto some darker tones of colour where the content of the site will be located.The bright yellows, reds, and oranges are used on the Thematic Southern American sites I looked at such as Old El Paso, and the Rango sites, they showed off some really intense shades of oranges yellows and blues. The Red’s True Barbecue website had a mixture of these bright colours, and then moves onto some darker shades as you scrolled down the page.


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