Thematic Southern Web Site Over View

The three thematic southern websites I have looked at have given me great insight into the kind of designs to be expected by my target audience for mine and Alistair’s re-design, the colours to use, and the types of fonts that would be expected on a typical southern American website. All three sites had their own personalities that I think have all inspired a lot ideas I have been having for the re-design of High Noon Holsters. In this post I will be going over the certain areas of interest I have picked up from looking into these sites, and how I want to incorporate them into the re-design.

My favourite site among the three has to be the Red’s True Barbecue site, this page is absolutely beautiful and has some amazing graphical elements that really catch your eye when using the site. Such as the old Mexican artwork that is used for the graphics on the page, I could maybe use this artists element among the content on the High Noon Holsters page. Something that has inspired some ideas for the navigation for the re-design, would have to be the use of parallax on the Red’s site and the Old El Paso site, I really like the way that each section on the parallax scroll of both of these sites are extremely colourful and really catch the eye, but focuses into the content located on each section.

Something I had in mind since the beginning before I even looked at the Rango site, was the large image at the top that set the theme of the site in a whole. A large picture of a desert or something that makes it seem straight off the bat, that this site is based around southern or western America. And also another thing that I think both the Old El Paso site and the Rango site both had a king of old wanted poster kind of look to hold in some content on the page, that gives the site a very southern, western thematic feel to the page.

It has been made very clear across all three websites, the kind of fonts I will need to look into. My favourite font I have seen is from the Old El Paso logo, something about that font felt very fitting for the High Noon-Holsters site, because the ends of the letters in that font reminded me of the handle on a gun.

The formation of the main titles, on the Old El Paso site and the Red’s site gave off the effect as though it was put together by hand, D.I.Y kind of feel to it. Which can be related back to the target audience, which would more than likely be men because guns and everything related to guns can be seen as quite a manly thing, and the D.I.Y element of the font formation can be seen as quite a manly thing.

There are some great uses of colour, across all three of these sites. The Red’s True barbecue web site probably had my favourite colour scheme, which I think would represent and create that thematic element of High Noon Holsters re-design. I will be using some really dark colours, to brighter colours probably for the content, with some intense graphics that stand out from the darker background.

The interactivity found on the Rango site has given me a few small ideas that I could maybe play around with for the re-design, I was thinking of maybe using a small interactive experience that recreates the notion of being stood in a shooting range, and maybe using the targets as a form of interactive button for something, I think that would create quite a nice little experience to go onto the site.


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