Steve Krug – Don’t Make Me Think!

As part of my research I read the famous book “Don’t Make Me Think!” by Steve Krug. I have taken a lot from this book, and has taught me how to make a website that is user-friendly. Some of the information was pretty basic, and I already knew before reading but it explained exactly why these techniques improve the usability of a website, based upon the way a user would use the site. Here are some of the key pieces of information I have taken from this book, that will allow me to improve my website.

Steve Krug – Don’t Make Me Think!

 “If Something Is Hard To Use, I Just Don’t Use It As Much”

This is the first quotation from the book, It says a lot about the psychology of the way a user thinks when it comes to using a product, Usability means making a product that is usable, it works well. Which basically means that anybody who has not used the product before, and people who have should be able to easily use it without getting frustrated. This is something I will be taking into consideration when redesigning the High Noon Holster website.

Another thing that Steve Krug talks about in this book is making sure that each button and piece of content does exactly what it is supposed to do. Just like navigation links, the user wants to click on them and get directed straight to the page, Unlike what some website do, and use drop down menus, which can be frustrating to use and also is not what the user is expecting when they click on the link.

Something else that is brought up in this book, is how the user does not want to read through large paragraphs of text, because we scan through information on the net, so keeping the information to a minimum is key.

These three pieces of information are very important in relation to mine and Alistair re-design, so I will be keeping these in mind when making the wire frames for the High Noon Holster re-design.

will be keeping in mind, when re-desiging the High Noon Holster website. Something else this book talks about not only making something self evident, but making sure that whatever a button or piece of content is intended for does exactly that. The user needs to be able to narrow there search down and get straight to the pice web site and the publisher.


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