Thematic Pinterest Research – Thematic Design

Because this is a thematic gallery website, I decided I would be a bit more artistic with the thematic design. I wanted to hand draw my background, and base it around the Icon Artwork in my gallery.

So I looked into hand drawn Icon designs to create a better understanding of how I should lay the design out, and what other Icon website’s use for there design.

Love the feel of these hand drawn icons.I liked this design because it shows all of the drawings of the icons together. This gave me an idea to maybe get other people to draw my icons as well, so I could merge them all together into a collage, so the harder you look into the website’s background you can spot a different drawing of the icon each time.

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The layout of this inspired a few ideas for the design of my website. I liked the way it is kind of like a pattern.

Office decoration? I think so.

I liked the way the icons where positioned in this one, It is really unique and individual. It And the fact you can see a different Icon in each separate bit of the design. Now I have gained an understanding, I decided to being creating the thematic element of my website.


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