Four Elements Research: How The 4 Elements Shaped Our World

The first port of call within my research stage was to first come up with an idea for my exhibition web site, to do this I first needed to research into the four elements, and develop an idea for what this exhibition will cover in relation to the four elements.

After reading through a few different feeds online, I came across a website that tells the story of how the Greek’s believed that everything on earth is made up of the four elements. I decided to base my project around how the four elements shaped our world today, and how these elements have made earth habitable for life.

The four elements can not only be found within everything on our planet, but also everything in the universe including stars and other planets. I began reading into the Greek cosmogenic theory of the four elements. I came across the works of Greek philosopher “Empedocles” who is best known for being the originator of the cosmogenic theory on the four elements.


Empedocles believed that there where four elements of matter, referred to by him as “roots” of the universe. His theory implies that the four elements are the source of all life, and all things that ever existed. By mixing these elements in different combinations and proportions, these elements have the ability to create and form anything form a life form, to a planet.

He also states within his theory that each element has its own characteristic within the mixture and that each elements affects are eternal and unchanging. Empedocles also insists within his theory that matter formed by the four elements are created and destroyed by natural forces, such as the weather.

This research gave me an idea about what I want to base my exhibition on, In relation to Empedocles theory of how things are formed by the four elements and then destroyed and rebuilt by natural forces, this gave me an idea for the concept of my website.

my exhibition will be based around how earth has formed over the years and become habitable for life in relation to the four elements. This exhibition would have to be used in a science museum, so my next step is to look into different science museum websites, to create some idea for the content and design.


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