After my experience of hull museums something became very apparent to me, the lack of modern interactivity. The only form of modern-day techniques used to interact with the public that I had seen was in Wilberforce house, but again was only very limited and only told a small segment of Wilberforce’s history. Not only that I was limited to what I could do on the exhibition, and must have only of spent around a minute clicking around.

As an interactive experience it was rather bland and didn’t really immerse me into the product, and only caught my attention because it seemed familiar to me because it was on a large screen that you can scroll around on. It was nice to have an alternative source of information rather than reading through mounds of text plastered on the wall, but it was to limited and didn’t really teach you much about Wilberforce himself.

The lack of modern approaches that are found in these museums actually inspired me, I realised that in Hull there is a very large gap to be filled in this subject. Hull is a place that is very proud of its heritage, and so we should because Hull is a very historical place. It made me think about how the people of hull would benefit from an exhibition that told the story of our city, because I feel as though the museums don’t do our great history justice.

I wrote about an immersive online experience I discovered during the first year of my course, called “I Remember”. This interactive experience allows users to upload short segments of text with an image, to tell a significant memory from their life and post it to the world. The website serves no real purpose, other than to pay respects and create awareness of Alzheimer’s. Re discovering this amazing page, gave me ideas for my interactive exhibition.

This experience allows the user the scroll through a landscape of lights, when you click on a light a memory some one has contributed to the page enlarges. The use of sound and imagery together on this page create a beautiful and immersive experience.

I remember

Below is the link to the I remember Page:
I Remember

My chosen establishment for my exhibition is “The Hull History Centre” but will be a joint effort of both the public and the centre. I came up with the idea inspired by the website “I Remember” that will allow the individuals of Hull to contribute their memory’s or history such as ancestors who played part in some form of historical event in Hull. And they can contribute notes or pictures and even short videos of a memory. Take for example the construction of the Humber Bridge, an individual can put forward a personal account of seeing the bridge being built along with an image.

For me this idea kills two birds with one stone, because it not only covers one thing it covers them all, so it could maybe be used in all of the museums in hull, that lack user interactivity. And because we live in the thriving days of social media, I think this is something that will interest the younger audience as well, because it resembles similar attributes of Facebook and Twitter, that allows a user to contribute their own accounts.

My hopes for this exhibition would be that it creates a sense of community, and make it feel as though it is something to cherish and something that hull could be proud of and keep people wanting to update and add different accounts of their personal experiences of the history in hull. Obviously for this to work, people will need to be able to update from home, using a mobile device, computer or tablet.

This exhibition will benefit people who want to research into a certain historical event that has taken place in hull, and be able to see people’s personal accounts or even read a note or see an image of a historical event. The “Hull History Centre” will also be able to update and add information about a certain event that they have stored in the archives.


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