During my research stage I came across a Facebook page called “BACKTRACK HULL”, on this page the users of Facebook can post old photographs and videos of historical events that have taken place in Hull. This reminded me of my idea for the “Hull History Centre”, and thought it could be a really good source for my research into the target audience. It is a very popular page that attracts people of all ages. This page also has 8,782 followers As part of my research into the target audience I created a tally to count and compare the ages of the followers who have contributed to the wall of this page, the age group that have shown the most interest.

My findings indicated that the age group that contribute to this page the most range from “40 – 60”, but also a younger age group ranging from “18 to 30” show some interest in the contributions on the wall, by liking, sharing or commenting.

Because the concept of this page is similar to my idea, I decided to get first hand information from the owner of the page, so I created a questionnaire and sent it over to the owner of the Backtrack Hull page, and ask him questions on the demographic of his page, and some odd questions to help along the process for my concept, to give me ideas.

BackTrack Hull Questionnaire

Q: What age groups tend to show the most interest on you’re page?

A:Graph to show

Q: Do you think you’re page has created a sense of community among the online presence of people from hull?

A: Yes ! I belive it has brought together a community that has one common love & intrest… Hull.

Q: Do you ever get any interest on the page from people who live outside of hull?

A:People who have moved I.e University Students and People from Hull who still take the Hull love abroad! They mainly miss chip spice.

Q: Do younger people show interest in the page?

A:Graph to Show

Q: What is the most talked about event that has happened in hulls history on you’re page?

A:St Andrews Quay and the Loardline with its fishing history.

Q: Why do you think the page does so well?

A: We are a non profit local interest page that has a common interest in preserving our heritage and background. With technology today everything is documented and photographed. We are trying to preserve our Pre-tech history

Q: Do you think the history museums of hull need to upgrade there techniques to draw in a younger audience?

A:I think with City of Culture on the horizon we should make sure of history centres and museums are in the best state possible. I do agree we need to “connect” with our younger audiances with newer technology and inovation.

He Then Kindly Sent me a chart that shows the popularity of his page among the different age groups, and which show the most interest in his page.


This graph shows that this page is popular among both female and male “25-34” year olds, but this only shows that this age group view and like the page rather than contributing content, the older generation are the ones contributing because they are the ones with the history to share.

This chart does show though that the second highest number of users are within the age group of “45-54”, this fits in with the tally I created.

This has taught me a few things:

1. The older generation take pride in reminiscing and sharing there story’s and photographs of the history of our city.

2. The younger generation find these story’s interesting and take the time to share them with there friends and comment.

3. That this page has created interest in the younger generation for the history of Hull

4. This page has created a sense of community in Hull, people are very proud to share and talk about it’s history.


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