Four Elements: Market Research

During my discovery phase I researched into existing museum exhibition pages, to create a greater understanding on how to display my content, what type of content I should have on my website.

One thing became clear from looking into the different exhibition websites,

I started by looking at websites for museums that follow the same theme, of science, and nature.



This is an exhibition page from the natural history museum website, that markets an exhibition for a wildlife photographer.

All of the natural history museum exhibition pages follow the same layout, using a with a header image, and then a button underneath the header that allows the user to book tickets for the exhibition.


Overall this page is fairly bland, with barley any content. It just shows off an image at the top, with a small piece of text to describe what the exhibition is all about. And then the tickets button. But also includes advertisements at the bottom for other exhibition’s at the museum.

I went onto find another exhibition page, the design aspect on this one is very simple and plane, this one inspire me for some of the content I should display on my exhibition page. This page is not very exciting for the user, and for anybody who is new to the museum it would not really interest them into coming to the exhibition. This one follows the same concept as mine as well telling the story of natural forces.  On the top of the page there is a video that shows off a trailer for the exhibition.


Along the side of the page, there is a section that displays the date, times, location, and a button to buy the tickets for the exhibition. This is all necessary information but could be displayed much better, the design is very standard. This gave me an idea for the content I will need to be putting into place on my four elements page.



From looking into different exhibition websites, I came to the conclusion on what content to display on my page. Making sure the ticket button is prominent on the site and making sure the dates and times are clear.

Making sure there is a visual aspect to the website, to emit the personality of the exhibition which is very important, because it gives the user a feel for the theme of the event and also attracts people.

For further research I will look into design aspects, because the designs on these sites are very poor and plain.


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