FOUR ELEMENTS: Demographic & Target Audience

Because the museum I have created is a science museum I looked at the stats of “The Science Museum” in London. which has a great page that shows off the stats and figures of the age groups and the amount of people that attend the museum every year.


Over 3 million visitors every year
450,000 young people every year
1.5 million coming as family visits

Gender & Age Groups
Bellow is the stats taken from a survery from 2013 showing the attendance of people dependent on gender, age.

  • 52% are male, 48% are female
  • 36% are children aged 0-15, 64% are adults (aged 16+)
  • 51% of visitors visit in a family group, 35% are independent adults and
  • 14% are education groups
  • 36% are overseas visitors, 64% are from the UK

This tells me a lot about the kind audience my website will be aimed at, it will have to be aimed at both genders, be family friendly, And interest a younger audience also.


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