FOUR ELEMENTS: Market Research – Science Museum

After conducting my research into the target audience my main source of information came from the science museum website. After realising how many people attend this museum every year, I decided to look into the website for the museum to de construct the design and the content to figure out how this has been achieved.

When entering the website the first thing that catches your eye is a large slide show gallery, marketing the different exhibitions and things of interest at the museum.


Something I have noticed from my other piece of market research into other science museum websites, a theme flows throughout all of them. The design is simplistic and focuses in on the content, and all market at the top the exhibition using either a video a large image or a slideshow gallery.


This is a really good way of showing off the exhibition and setting the feel and theme for the user. Bellow header is another section which displays some of the most important information and must be implemented into my website, the opening times this is a must.

Bellow that are two buttons that use images that allows the user to navigate to other sections of the site, such as events and exhibitions. This I will take into consideration because its good for the user instead of having to scroll back up the page they can instantly be redirected to where they want to be.


Bellow the second section of the page are some other links that take the user to other areas of interest. This is good because it markets other exhibitions and things to do at the museum, say the user came on the page to book tickets for a certain thing this might persuade the user to buy into something else, because it has caught there interest.


Conclusion to my research

  • Using a large image or video at the top of the website is a must.
  • Keeping the opening times and location of the museum prominent on the site.
  • Marketing other exhibitions for the museum on the website



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