Four Elements: Clean, Simple and Minimal Design

From my market research one thing I have noticed is how simple the design is through out the different museum websites it seems to be a trend though out the sites. One thing I have thought about is making the design for my site simple yet fun, that not only speaks to an older audience but a younger audience to.

This idea is to make the website a bit more interesting for the user, making sure its not bland and boring and creating something that people of all ages can sit scan through and enjoy. I decided to look at simplistic designs of websites that display a much more characteristic and colourful approach.

These websites are not for museums but do keep it simple, yet more colourful and playful. And this is something I want to reflect on with my final designs for the exhibition website.

HANGER: Creative Agency

Overview Of Home Page

The colour scheme:
White background, use of white space. Black & white titeling dependent on the background. Blue for navigation bar, Icons, and footer background.



One of the main things I liked about the design of this website was the large image that spans the top of the website, using a nice white sans serif font across the top this really stands out.

Like the museum websites I have looked at this resembles similarities, with there use of images and videos at the top. Bellow the title of the header central to the image there is a button that allows you to play a video that shows off and markets the business.


Like the museum websites I looked at some of them had video’s at the top but where mainly just embeded videos from Youtube which doesn’t look as good from a design point of view, this would be a nicer way of putting the video’s in place.


Scolling further down the website, you come to a section that briefly talks about what the company does. Using flat coloured icons that follow the same colourscheme, to emphasize what the written content underneath covers.

This is something I will definitely be taking into consideration when introducing the exhibition to the user.


At the very bottom of the website is a section that links the user to the companys recent work. This design could be a good way to display the links on my website. Similair to the bottom of the museum website’s I looked at, they displayed links to other exhibitions using this design, Only this one is more sleak and interesting.

Other Areas Of Interest:

On the Journal page there is a section midway down the page that uses icons that are animated by javascript. These animation accompany written content that tells the story of there process whilst building a product, it is a really nice little touch that could work on my website.




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