Four Elements: Research on Natural Forces

In this post I showcase some of my research I conducted to look further into the natural forces and how they have shaped our world, this research will formulate an idea also into what content should be displayed on the website and inspiration for other aspects of the exhibition I am trying to market.


Natural Forces & Our Planet

I have discovered a few really good resources on the web, that talk about how the natural forces have literally shaped our planet, and made evolution for life possible, and created a habitable planet.

Here are the four elements, including the natural forces these elements fall under:

  • Air (Hurricanes, Storms, Tornados)
  • Fire (Volcanos, The Sun)
  • Water (Tsunami’s, Rain Storms)
  • Earth (Earth Quakes, Mountains)

These forces have detrimental effects on our planet, they shape the landscapes and also destroy and form life. But we need these natural forces to live and grow.


Even though natural forces relating to fire, cause a lot of damage and destruction on our planet, they also cause some good. One of the key things that volcano’s achieve relates to the ash deposits coming from them, these ash deposits allow for fertile soil, and in turn allow for plant life to flourish across the globe.

Decades ago earth was very different from what it is today, it was caked in volcanic rocks and was not habitable for any form of life, volcano’s a large part in the shaping of our planet.

Positive Effects
Volcanic eruptions also shape the landscapes that come into contact with the lava produced by the volcano’s, and when it comes into contact with the surface of the planet, over time shapes the landscape and makes the soil fertile.

This reminds me of my previous research into ‘Empedocles’, and his statement about the four elements being created and then destroying themselves and then starting over again and creating something new.

Negative Effects
Volcano’s also have negative effects on life, life living in close proximity to volcano’s say in jungles or other landscapes can have there habitat destroyed, and can possible wipe of species of animals.

The effects volcano’s have on human life also can be devastating, destroying towns and causing inconveniences such as delaying flights and depositing ash into the atmosphere that can affect human life on a global scale.



Natural forces relating to water such as tsunami’s, and glaciers, and rain storms, obviously have some devasting effects to society and our well being. But is probably the most essential when it comes to allowing life to thrive on the planet.

Positive Effects
Again like volcano’s natural forces relating to water, shape the landscapes of our planet using a process called erosion. Rain that feed our plants and trees, that allow our vegetation and crops to grow and thrive across the globe working with other forces such as sunlight.

Negative Effects
Like volcanos natural forces relating to water can have devastating effects on society and life itself on earth. Tsunamis that destroy towns and kill thousands, wiping out wildlife and people.



Natural Forces in relation to air, such as storms again have devastating effects on our planet, yet plays a good role also. Storms and other natural forces related to air play a large role in the shaping of our planet, eroding our landscapes.

Positive Effects
Air is essential to life, considering its what we breathe to keep our bodies ticking over. In relation to the other natural forces, that allow our plants and trees to grow, this in turn produces air from the plants.

Again like discussed erlier with the other natural forces, wind and storms shape our landscapes, and also dismantle and create new and unique landscapes by eroding rocks and other material that make a landscape.

Negative Effects
Wind storms, and Tornadoes can have devastating effects on our planet, destroying towns and killing thousands.



Earth relates to the natural material our planet is built up of such as rock and dirt, natural forces relating to earth would be mountains, forests ect. this element is manipulated and changed by the other three elements, its what our planet is made up of.

Earth is the the foundational element of our planet, and makes up the landscapes. It is manipulated, destroyed, and shaped by the other three elements, I cannot go into the positive or negative effects this element has on the evolution of life, only that is the template for life to thrive and live, a platform that allows the other three elements to manipulate and shape life forms and our world.


The four elements working together have formed our planet, and created a planet that is unique and allows evolution of life to take place, the research into both the negative and positive effects of these elements on our society and evolution, has allowed me to gain a greater knowledge in this area.





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