Interactive Exhibition: Further Research Into Target Audience (History Museum Demographic)

To create a greater understanding of the individuals I will be targeting with my exhibition at the Maritime Museum. I conducted further research into the demographic of museums that follow the same subject matter, with the maritime museum being a History museum about hulls fishing and whaling industry, I looked further into the demographic of similair museums.

I discovered a website called ‘Museum Audience Insight’, that discusses the different demographics from different types of museums, such as art museums, and science centres.


Resource: ‘Museum Audience Insight’

On this website it states that: 

History Museums or Historical Sites, have generally older visitors with over a 60% of these individuals being over the age of 50.

With over 40% of the individuals being male.

A quarter of the individuals attending History Museums are parents with young children

78% of individuals attending History Museums having at least a college degree. (This is three times the national Average)

The individuals attending History Museums are the least diverse, having 95% of individuals attending being white.

In relation to my previous research using the ‘Backtrackhull’ Facebook page. I stated in that blog post reflecting from my own personal research on the interactions from different age groups, that the age groups interacting with the page and contributing the most where between:

’40-60′ Years old, the information I have gained from this particular website states that ‘60%’ of the people attending history museums are over the page of 50, which matches my claim.

The other findings from this piece of research has given me greater insight into the age ranges and different types of people will be attending the museum, but my research from the Backtrack Hull Facebook page, has given me an idea for the target market that will be interested with my exhibition.


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