In this post I showcase further research into interactive and immersive experiences, to gain a greater understanding of usability and design, and to form a greater idea of what different kinds of immersive experiences are out there.

Within each deconstruction of the different Interfaces, I will be categorizing each area that I have taken interest in, and then below explaining exactly what it is that I like about it.

In an earlier post I discussed one online immersive experience, that has really been the foundation for my idea, an online interface that uses user generated content, and creates a surreal landscape built up of individuals different individuals memory’s.

The interactive experience is called ‘I remember’ and I believe it deserves revisiting, to deconstruct this experience and to form a greater idea of how it works.

I Remember

Source: ‘I Remember’

User Experience
One of the main things that stands out for me within this immersive experience, is the masterful user interface allowing the user to interact with everything, and giving the user freedom to scroll throughout the interface with no boundaries as to where they want to go.

I remember
Something that intensifies the immersive interface is the music in the background, it adds a lot more to the whole feel of the interface. It makes it feel a lot more mysterious and interesting.

And the technique of using the user generated content to build some form of landscape like you can see in the image above, it makes it feel vast and endless as to what you can do within this interface.

User Generated Content
One thing that is going to be key within my exhibition is the use of user generated content, and within this interface one of the first things that comes up when the access this experience is an option that allows the user to instantly add a memory, and upload a photograph. Below is a screenshot:
It allows the user to add a photograph either by using ‘instagram’, ‘Facebook’ or simply by uploading from the desktop.

This is something I have considered for my exhibition, when the individual enters into the museum they are handed an I pad, and log onto either Facebook or Instagram to upload photographs they may have on there social networking accounts.

Another concept I have considered is the user can also bring in photographs or notes to scan in, once at the museum and then add it to the exhibition that way.

When viewing the user generated content, the user has to scroll through the interface and discover the memory’s at random. Below is a screen shot:


Once the memory is discovered, the user can then zoom up and select it, it then brings up a separate screen that allows you to view what the memory is about.


There is an option though that allows the user to search for a specific category, such as ‘love’ or ‘a day out’ that narrows down the results and shows all memory’s relating to that certain category.


Inspiration from ‘I Remember’

All of the elements I have deconstructed within this piece of research that have given my inspiration for my interactive exhibition include:

User generated content
Zooming in and out functions (Touch Screen Functions)
How to display the content on my exhibition



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