CMS – Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) is a tool that allows for easier access when it comes to replacing the content or adding content to a web site. A CMS also allows for capabilities for multiple users with different permission levels to manage the content of a website, managing content refers to:

  • Creating
  • Editing
  • Archiving
  • Publishing
  • Collaboration with other users
  • Distributing website content
  • Data & Information

Content management systems can be built from scratch or there are pre-built Content management systems, called bolt on CMS take for example (Couch CMS). Only users with the username and password are able to log onto the CMS and manage the content from the control panel of the CMS.

My website has to be content manage, so I decided to go with a bolt on CMS called ‘Couch’ CMS.

The first step of implementing a bolt on content management system to my website was to download the files from the ‘Couch’ website, and then add them to the file tree of my website (On The Remote Server).

Inline images 2

Once implemented it was then time to add the code to direct my ‘index’ file of my website to the ‘Couch’ file located in the file tree.

Inline images 1

Now my index file was linked to the ‘couch’ CMS, I had to create the region on my website that I wanted to be editable from ‘Couch’ CMS. Here is the code I used for the editable region, this piece of code only allows for the text to be editable.

Inline images 3Now I had an editable region on my website, I logged into ‘Couch’ to see if it was linked correctly, and allowed me to edit the region I had set to be edited.

Inline images 4

As it can be seen in the image above, it had picked up the link to my website and the editable region. The text box allows for an individual to enter in exactly what they want to be shown in the region that has been made editable.

As it can be seen in this image, the editable region has been filled in, and the text is coming straight from the ‘Couch’ CMS.

Inline images 5




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