Interactive Exhibition: Augmented Reality In Museums


In this post I showcase my research into augmented reality, to see how it works and how I can implement it into my exhibition.

Augmented reality is a technique that is starting to appear in select museums across the globe, not only that but it is also used for advertisement purposes and used with some applications for visual novelty’s.

Bellow is a video of augment reality at work within a museum:

Augment reality overlays digital information over what we can see in the real world through the camera on a device, the information displayed is usually a 3d object, sound, or video.

The use of augmented reality could really enhance this experience, a create a form of interactive environment. There are two types of augmented reality marker based and markerless. Marker-less rely’s on location data and doesn’t really fit into what I want to achieve with augmented reality.

How Marker Based Augmented Reality Works

Here is a diagram that basically sums up how marker based augmented reality works, taken from: Exeter University Article

This function would work with the application on the tablet that is handed to the individual at the door, these ‘symbols’ will be stored in the application and be recognized displaying a 3d representation through the camera of the tablet or mobile device.

I will use this at each object of interest at the exhibition, there will be a symbol for each and once scanned, will bring up the 3d objects ‘the memorys’ that relate to the subject matter of the object.

Can this be implemented?
To conclude from my research into augmented reality, I can conclude that this process will work at the exhibition.


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