Interactive Exhibition: Creating Music

For my exhibition I want to make the user as immersed in the experience as possible, I wanted to make the user feel the emotion of the exhibition. Music is a great way of making an individual feel the emotion you are trying to emit from your exhibition.

The feelings I want the user to feel when using my exhibition are:


I have already done some research into color theory, and selected some colors that relate to these emotions. I really wanted to emphasize the emotional aspect of my exhibition, because it is all based around memory’s and this can be considered an emotional experience ‘remembering’.

On the ‘I remember’ page, which I analysed earlier on in another post here is a link to the experience: I Remember

For further research I looked into other music that resemble a similar theme to the I remember page, to gain some inspiration.


Bellow are some of the tracks I listened to:

William Basinski – d|p 1.1

Aphex Twin – Stone In Focus

All of these songs including the ‘I Remember’ background are all very atmospheric and do convey a lot of emotions, and I guess it depends on the person listening to decide on the emotions they are feeling from listening.

Making The Track

The first thing I did was selected a sample for the main melody which was an electric piano. I then adjusted the pitch and the effects such as the distortion and the glide.Here is the picture of the plugin, that I changed the effects on:


I then went onto creating the main melody using the piano roll, and then added a pad synth in the background to make the song more atmospheric, and add bass, picture:


After I added an audio clip of waves, and adjusted the sound levels and EQUO so the noise of the waves dips out at keys points of the track, picture:


Here is my finished track I uploaded to soundcloud:

I tried my hardest to keep it interesting throughout, but at the the same time ambient and minimal so there is not to much going on in the background.


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