Interactive Experience: Concept & Ideas

In this post I will be discussing what my ideas are for the exhibition, to give an outline of exactly what I want to achieve (if possible). Bellow is a quick summery of the concept of my exhibition along with the main concept.

The Exhibition


An exhibition that allows users to upload memory’s relating to hulls fishing heritage, including photographs or notes. This content such as the photographs and notes can be brought in and scanned in at the museum, or the tablet that is given to them allows the individual to onto Facebook or any other online service and upload images already included on the site. or they can be implemented from home via an application the user can download of the “exhibition/app” and upload the content that way.

Summarizing the purpose of the concept, I want to excite people with hulls fishing heritage and want it to be an exhibition that is quite personal to the general public of hull, because it is our heritage and people of all ages take pride in this.


 Because the project is about implementing modern day techniques into a certain museum, I have thought of a few things I could implement using my exhibition, they are as follows:


User Generated Content
One thing that plays a key part in this exhibition is user generated content, so I will need to look into how this is made possible at the museum and what techniques are used to allow this functionality at a museum.

Augmented Reality
One thing I have been thinking about, and I know is in use at the moment in some museums is the use of “augmented reality”, this would be a very interesting area to look into. My idea is when an individual enters the museum they are handed a tablet, and when they approach a certain object of interest within the museum, they can use a QR code located on the object, and brings up memories relating to this certain object.

Using a form of location detection, that allows the user to form some idea of exactly where they are via viewing a map on the tablet. This would also come in handy using the camera on the tablet to allow the user to locate where each individual object of interest in the museum is.

Which can be seen in use bellow, this would be a good idea because it shows the user exactly where everything is through the camera so they can get a greater idea of exactly where the object of interest is located in the museum.


Filtering User Generated Content
Filtering the content is necessary, mainly to narrow down the content that is being uploaded because some individuals may upload vulgar, or unnecessary content that does not relate to the subject matter.


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