Interactive Exhibition: Augmented Maps

During previous research I looked into using ‘Geolocation’ for the maps on the tablet side of my exhibition, later research indicated that this process would not be possible, because the user will be inside of a building and could not find any useful resources to indicate that using ‘Geolocation’ would be possible.

I did however come across a few examples of augmented reality maps, which fits in with my idea of using the camera function on the tablet to guide the user around the museum to area’s of interest.

I came across a company called NavVis who specialize in creating augmented map applications for in doors use, bellow is my research.

Website: NavVis

NavVis uses the same technique as google maps, using sensors and a camera to map out a buildings structure and shape, to create a visual representation of a map. Moving the device from room to room in a building allows the device to pick up all of the information it needs to rout out the map of the building.

Here is a video of the device at work:

Here is an image that shows off the functionality of this mapping service:

As you can see, the individual in the photograph is using her mobile phone to direct herself to a certain area of interest, using an augmented trail that leads her straight to it.

It also states on there website that the ‘NavVis Navigator’ has an open api which indicates I can use this with the application on the tablet. Also it states that a third party owner of the NavVis Navigator can implement there own augmented reality overlays, over the top of the map.

Can This Be Implemented?
I can conclude from this piece of research can be implemented into my exhibition, and is exactly what I was looking for.


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