Interactive Exhibition: Wire Frames (Rough Draft)

In this post I will showcase some of my draft wire frames, and rough outline of the user journey just so I could start to decide on the positioning of the content and how each page will be laid out. I create two rough drafts of wire frames one for tablet and one for the main device used at the museum.

Tablet Wire Frame (Rough)

Scan_20160105 (6).pngScan_20160105 (7).png

Scan_20160105 (8).pngScan_20160105 (9).png

Scan_20160105 (10).pngScan_20160105 (11).png

Scan_20160105 (12).png

Large Touch Screen Device (Rough)Scan_20160105.pngScan_20160105 (2).pngScan_20160105 (3).pngScan_20160105 (4).pngScan_20160105 (5).png

User Journey (Rough)

Scan_20160105 (13)


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