Elements Project: SEO

One very important aspect of marketing this exhibition website, is the ‘Search Engine Optimization’ when a website is search optimized it will go up in the rankings on a specific search engine. Dependent on a few key things, a website can be right at the top of a search.

A search engine is filled with millions of links to websites, so the search engine needs to be able to narrow down through all of these links to give the perfect search result that has been entered, that relates to what the user is searching for. The engine needs to know exactly what’s inside each individual website so it can give the best search result, for a certain search.

These key things that a website’s ranking depends on are as follows:

  • Key Words
  • Site Architecture
  • Structure
  • Rating
  • Performance
  • User Experience

Key Words
The key words in a website are the phrases and words relating to the subject matter of the content, and what make it possible for the users of a search engine to find your site depending on the key words and phrases that are entered into the search engine.

In order to have the correct key words and phrases embedded in your website, it is essential that you understand the subject matter of the site, so the user can find the website through the engine instead of landing on another website that falls under the same category as yours.

Site Architecture
Search engines scan all the way through your website like a book, going from page to page making copies of each page and storing it within something called an ‘index’. When a user searches on a search engine, the key word that is entered the engine looks through all of the websites relating to that key word, that are stored in the ‘index’ of the search engine. Dependent on the site architecture, the site that ranks highest in this will be presented as the first result.


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