Four Elements: Marketing Strategy & Ideas

Before developing my marketing strategy for my website, I thought it would be key to look into which area’s I should be considering for this process. I came across a really good article on a trust worth resource ‘Forbes’ that goes through a few different steps into marketing a website.

Bellow I will showcase a few of the different key area’s I will be considering when it comes to the marketing of my website:

Marketing The Website

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    “SEO is the process of increasing your website’s visibility in search engine’s organic results through optimizing your pages with the keyword phrases people are likely to search for.” This is a process which is key for the marketing of my website, and will be looking into more detail later on in this report.
  • Retargeting Advertisement
    This process works by placing tracking cookies on each of the visitor’s computers of a particular site. Then when they leave your website, advertisements pop up asking the visitor to come back and use your website again, the adverts will pop up on Facebook or any other website they use.
  • Facebook Advertisement
    People who use the internet usually have a Facebook account, the average Facebook user, uses Facebook at least eight hours per month. Using Facebook ads will reach out to a vast amount of people, including the target audience.

Now I have a few ideas of how I was going to market the website, I then looked into how I was going the Market the exhibition.

Marketing The Exhibition

This tool works by, when an individual with a mobile device passes a certain area that uses geo-fencing a push notification will pop up on their mobile device, this notification will tell them about an event or a place within the area. Geo-fencing works by using location data of the device.

Here is a diagram that showcases how geo-fencing works:


Also this is a pie chart that showcases how interested the general public would be to a random push notification generated by the geo-location:

This indicated to me that this process of geo-location would be very useful for grabbing the attention of the general public, who maybe haven’t seen the other advertisements for the exhibition. Not only will this allow me to market the exhibition itself but also the website.

This tool would allow for random people who have walked into the geo-fencing zone who may be interested in the exhibition, to get a heads up that this exhibition is happening.

I decided that this could be used to also market the website, with the push notification that pops up it could have a link to the site, with some information about the location of the museum and what the exhibition is all about.

Guest Speaker
An idea I have to further market the exhibition and reach out to the target audience, is to have a guest speaker at the exhibition. Someone who is a professional in the subject matter and is also world famous, someone who the target audience will know.

I chose ‘Professor Brian Cox’ because he is not only will he be well known to the target audience, but also he is famous among the general public so not only would it attract the target audience but also people who know and like Brian Cox’s work.

Search Advertising
Search advertising is the process that uses advertisements that relate to a user’s search and are put into place on a website they maybe viewing, such as Facebook or twitter. These advertisements are based upon the users searches, and bring up advertisements that relate to key words they have entered into a search engine.

I thought this would be a good way of advertising the exhibition directly to the target audience, because the key words they have been searching for relate to the exhibition and means that they could be interested in the exhibition.


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