Four Elements: Marketing Strategy

In this section of the blog I will showcase the timescales of both my offline and online marketing strategies.

Online (Stage 1)
Announcement of The Event
The first step of the online marketing process, a user will begin to get advertisements that inform them about some event happening at the ‘Evol museum’. It will not indicate exactly what the event is going to be, but it does announce that ‘Professor Brian Cox’ will be attending.

These advertisements will be linked directly into the target audience, because the searches they have been making all relate to this exhibition.

Offline (Stage 1)
Announcement of The Event
For the people who don’t genuinely use the internet, they can see the announcement of the event on posters, and in the newspaper. Again not indicating exactly what the event is only that ‘Professor Brian Cox’ is attending and it’s at the ‘Evol museum’

Marketing Techniques Used In Stage 1


  • Advertisements relating to search
  • Social media advertisements


  • Poster’s
  • News Paper Article
  • Guest Speaker Announcement

Online (Stage 2)
People Turn Up at The Event & The Announcement of Site & Exhibition
Everybody turns up who are interested in the event, a visual display is projected onto ‘Evol Museum’ using sound and intense visuals. After ‘Brian Cox’ comes to the stand an announces the exhibition. Everybody using a mobile device, gets a push notification with a link to the site, and information on the exhibition. On the display is a ‘hashtag’ ‘#naturalforces’ people on their mobile devices then start hash tagging the event, to push it out further to a wider audience.

Marketing Techniques Used in (Stage 2)


  • Geo-Fencing
  • Hash tagging & Social Networking

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