Four Elements: Future Developments

One of the main things I would like to improve is to completely finish the site, and make it 100% responsive. I checked the website on different screen sizes, and noticed there are a few elements making this site none responsive, such as the map at the bottom of the page, and the ‘learn more’ button. And also make more of the website CMS instead of just one element of the website.

Also the research and design stage I believe I could improve on that, managing my time better and spending more time researching and creating the design, as you can see my website has a different colour scheme and a slightly different design, which is something I feel I had disappointed myself when it comes to the design process because its another aspect I really enjoy.

Overall I enjoyed the module, and again feel as though I have learned a lot not only about the work but also myself, and has highlighted key areas with me that need improvements. Even though the website was not 100% completed, and my final design wasn’t the same, I also believe this project was highly beneficial for me and have come away with a greater understanding of the development of a website.


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