Self Initiated: Developing a greater understanding of IVY Clothing

To fully understand this small business, and develop some idea of what Louisa expects from the website, and what is needed I decided to de construct the look and feel of the business, and analyse Louisa’s work so that I could understand the following:

  • Reflecting the style of the content within the design, and colour scheme and what would be the most appropriate to use.
  • To see if there are any elements of the branding for Ivy clothing that I can carry through into my design, and to understand the look Louisa is going for with the content that is put in place already.

These are the two main things that I want to understand by the end of this piece of research.


The Content (Photographs Of Her Work)

One of the most important things that I must keep in mind when developing this website is to make sure the photographs are the key focal point of the website. Louisa’s work is presented in a number of photographs on her Facebook page, these photographs really reflect the mood of her work, and do compliment her clothing range.


In addition having photography the main focus of the presentation is essential from the customers perspective so they are fully aware of the the product that is being soled. Also something to point out, some of the photos show off the product being used by Louisa and Ivy which adds a level of personality to the clothing, and also reflects the mood of the company. In a way the picture bellow this paragraph shows off the dresses coming to life, and showing off what the customer could have if they bought the dress.


This is something I want to emphasize on the website, maybe by using white space and not using colours to extreme that will over shadow the liveliness of the photographs of the product. Just like the way some of the picture have been taken, using a blank canvas on the background to really bring out the colour and vibrancy of the clothing in question take for example:

This picture of this dress, the blank white canvas behind really allows the dress to come alive, and really allows the user to inspect the product with no distractions from around the focus point of the photograph. This use of photography really is prominent throughout Louisa’s work, and not only allows the product to breath and become the main focus point, it also gives off quite a stylish and trendy affect, and a level of professionalism which in turn will really work in Louisa’s favour, and also bring the website to life.

The Logo

The logo for IVY clothing is fairly basic, using standard sans serif fonts and a black and white colour pallet. This logo resembles that of other clothing company’s take for example Topman:

These types of logo’s are straight to point and instantly registered by the customer, just the name of the company in a bold sans serif font. In some ways I understand why this logo has been used for IVY clothing, but feel as though a much more playful and personalised logo could be implemented, to reflect the personality of the business.

Maybe by only using subtle changes to the layout, and maybe different fonts but still keeping the logo within that same trend, but adding something extra to really try and show off the personality of the company within the logo as well. Keeping in mind that this company is aimed at young mothers with baby daughters, this should be reflected within the logo, and not look too much like a type of logo you would see used for a clothing brand for older people.

When talking about making the logo more exciting but keeping that same style that is a common trend in logos for clothing brands, a good example would be for the hull clothing shop Beasley’s:

Beasleys Clothing

This logo really does reflect the personality of Beasleys, simply by using a font that almost looks as though it has been hand drawn. I believe it shows off the whole style of Beasleys clothing, which is vintage and retro, and that is they type of clothing Beasleys sell. So I will maybe try and go down a similar root when it comes to re branding IVY Clothing.


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